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Brickman Briquetting Range

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ORWAK Brickman Briquetting Range

The Brickman product family features fully automated briquette presses that rapidly turn large volumes of waste into compact briquettes. The presses can be fed while running and with a compaction ratio of up to 20:1. The briquettes require no binding.
Automatic solutions that generate compact briquettes

The Brickman product family turns large amounts of waste into small briquettes for recycling. The presses rapidly minimize the volume of waste in a cost-effective way and diminish the need for internal transportation.They keep aisles, passageways and other spaces free from clutter.

Brickman offers timesaving and comfortable waste handling as the presses can be fed while running there is no shutter to open when loading the material and the ready briquettes require no binding.

Why Brickman?

  • Convenient, fully automated compaction solutions
  • Impressive volume reduction of up to 20:1
  • Placement opportunities indoors thanks to the compact design and low sound emission

PRESS FORCE: 25 ton CAPACITY: up to 300     1400 kg/h


The 300 model comes in several versions, specialized in different types of waste such as cardboard and paper, shredded paper, off cuts from the graphic industry, plastic bottles and aluminum cans as well as beverage containers containing liquid.Hopper: 0.75 m3

Capacity cardboard: 250 kg/h

Product sheet

  • BM 300 Cardboard Product sheet

  • BM 300 Alu Product sheet

  • BM 300 Plastic Product sheet

  • BM 300 Liquid Product sheet


The 900K model is ideal for large amounts of cardboard and empty PET bottles.Hopper: 2 m3

Capacity cardboard: 750 kg/h

Product sheet

  • BM 900K Product sheet


The 1200K model is ideal for large amounts of cardboard and empty PET bottles.Hopper: 2 m3

Capacity cardboard: 1100 kg/h

Product sheet

  • BM 1200K Product sheet


The 2000K model has extra high capacity and can process up to 1500 kg material per hour. It is ideal for very large amounts of cardboard and empty PET bottles.

Hopper: 2 m3

Capacity cardboard: 1500 kg/h

Product sheet

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