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LIAD ColorSave 1000V Volumetric ColorSave 1000V

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LIAD ColorSave 1000V Volumetric ColorSave 1000V

ColorSave 1000V is a highly advanced volumetric dosing system based on a PLC.

ColEasy to use and extremely reliable, ColorSave 1000V is equipped with value added features that place it far beyond the capabilities of standard volumetric feeders. After following a simple calibration set-up process which enables the system to "learn" the material.

ColorSave 1000V is ready to operate in a similar method to a gravimetric feeder via setting shot weight and additive percentage parameters. This innovative setup removes the need to calculate and manually adjust the feeding screw speed if the additive percentage or injection time is changed – as the system adapts automatically to the changed parameter.

For extrusion applications, ColorSave 1000V also operates similarly to a gravimetric feeder – where the desired throughput can be set according to Kg/hr or as a percentage of the total extruder throughput.


  • User-friendly color touch screen
  • Displays the total quantity of material that has gone through the feeder
  • Works with recipes
  • Venturi loader can be integrated into the system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast cleaning when changing materials
  • Optional TCP/IP communication port

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