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Case Study: Mcdonald`s Australia - A Success Story With Orwak Balers From Telford Smith

Case Study: Mcdonald`s Australia - A Success Story With Orwak Balers From Telford Smith

Case Study: Mcdonald`s Australia - A Success Story With Orwak Balers From Telford Smith

Client Background

McDonald's Australia, a leading fast-food restaurant chain committed to sustainability, has been actively involved in initiatives like Clean Up Australia and Foodbank Australia. With a focus on reducing environmental impact, McDonald's sought innovative solutions for waste management.   

The Challenge

McDonald's faced challenges in managing packaging waste, especially cardboard boxes, which occupied significant space in traditional bins. This led to increased costs, safety concerns, and environmental impact due to inefficient waste disposal practices.  

Our Solution: Orwak Balers from Telford Smith

To address McDonald's challenges, Telford Smith introduced Orwak balers, designed to efficiently handle waste materials. These balers provided a dual-functionality, compacting bagged waste and cardboard separately, with a remarkable compaction rate of 5:1.  

Why Orwak Balers?

Orwak balers stood out for their ability to save time, space, and money. The modular design allowed for customisation, accommodating various recycling points. McDonald's chose Orwak balers for their cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and positive environmental impact.  

Implementation Process

The implementation involved placing Orwak balers at multiple McDonald's stores. Telford Smith provided pre-sales advice, customisation support, and training to ensure a seamless integration into the existing waste management processes.  

Real-world Application: McDonald's Australia

Greg Old, Store Supervisor of five McDonald's stores, noted significant improvements. The balers streamlined waste management, saving space and reducing the need for larger bins. The compact size allowed secure placement, enhancing the overall operational efficiency.    

Measurable Results

• Space Savings: 5:1 compaction rate resulted in a significant reduction in required storage space. 

• Cost Efficiency: Stores reported cost savings of close to $1000 per month. 

• Environmental Impact: Fewer trucks and pickups led to reduced traffic and emissions.  

Client Testimonials

Greg Old emphasized the positive impact on safety, space utilisation, and cost savings. The balers became an integral part of waste management, aligning with McDonald's commitment to sustainability.

The balers not only streamline waste processes but also boost night staff safety by keeping waste operations in-house, reducing external risks during night shifts. This aligns with McDonald's commitment to a secure workplace.  

Building Trust and Credibility

Telford Smith continued to support McDonald's post-implementation, ensuring the continued success of the waste management solution.  

Client's Recognition

McDonald's recognised the effectiveness of Orwak balers, showcasing a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.  


The collaboration between McDonald's Australia and Telford Smith's Orwak balers exemplifies a successful integration of innovative waste management solutions. The positive outcomes, including cost savings, space efficiency, and environmental impact, highlight the potential benefits for organisations seeking sustainable waste management solutions. Prospective clients are encouraged to explore how Orwak balers can similarly enhance their operations and environmental responsibility.

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McDonald's Australia - A Success Story with Orwak Balers from Telford Smith

*Sourced from an article written by Lisa Korycki and featured in Waste Management Review, Australia, August 2022


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