75mm Telford Smith TSE.75.55K Extruder (Single Screw) NEW

  • 75mm Telford Smith TSE.75.55K Extruder (Single Screw) NEW SOLD

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    1.0 Telford Smith 75mm Single Screw Extruder
    # Model: TSE.75.55K
    # Screw Diameter: 75mm
    # Length/Diameter Ratio: 20:1
    # Motor Capacity/Type: 55 kW DC
    # Screw RPM Range: zero to 120
    # Centre-line height: 1000 mm
    # Estimated Output 180 - 200 kg/hr Approx.
    1.1. Telford Smith Extruder
    The Extruder is of modular construction with a heavy-duty helical gearbox and thrust assembly, all mounted on a sturdy support frame. The motor is adjacent to the barrel on the machine frame with pulleys and vee drive to gearbox input shaft.
    1.1.1. Gearbox, with Integral Thrust Section
    # Foot mounted, helical double reduction gear reducer with water cooling coil in gear sump, rated for 55kW motor.
    # 12.5:1 ratio giving a maximum of 120 rpm screw speed at motor input speed of 1450 rpm. Forced feed oil lubrication with pump.
    # Heavy duty pulleys and drive belts with motor in tuck under position.
    1.1.2. 55 kW DC Motor
    # DC motor with fan forced cooling.
    1.1.3. Feed Housing Assembly
    # Integral steel feed housing with water-cooling channel.
    # Oversize feed opening with nitrided lining.
    1.1.4. Barrel
    # One piece nitrided barrel.
    # Barrel termination flange with ports for rupture plug and also melt pressure transmitter.
    1.1.5. Screw
    # 75mm x 20:1 Metering screw.
    # Manufactured from high-grade alloy steel, nitrided, polished and hard chrome plate.
    # Alternative screw designs available on request.
    1.1.6. Barrel Heating and Cooling
    # Four independently controlled, high efficiency, Stainless steel finned heating and cooling zones incorporating ceramic band heating elements and one double ended high capacity ducted blower fan per zone.
    # One thermocouple per zone.
    # All heaters, fans and thermocouples are wired to a common, base mounted, junction box.
    1.1.7. Machine Guarding
    # Sectioned sheet metal guards are provided to protect operators from heat, electrical wiring, pulleys and drive belts.
    # Designed for ease of removal to access all components for service and maintenance.
    1.1.8. Standard Accessories
    # Threaded screw ejector to facilitate screw removal.
    1.1.9. Finish
    # Painted to standard Telford Smith colours green, blue or beige
    # Alternative paint colours available on request
    1.1.10. Standard Feed Hopper
    # Mild steel, powder coated.
    # Cut off slide
    # Dump chute and 2 x sight glasses.
    1.1.11. Electrical Equipment
    # Free standing, combined temperature and drive control cabinet
    # 1 Main Isolator for Heaters and Drive
    # 1 Heater Circuit Breaker Supply
    # 1 Distribution Unit
    # 1 Emergency Stop Button
    # 1 DC drive Rated at 55 kW
    # 1 Set of High Speed Fuses
    # 1 Main Contactor
    # 1 D.O.L. Starter for Gear Box Lube Pump Motor
    # 1 Motor Vent Fan D.O.L. Starter
    # 4 Barrel Zone Temperature Controllers (Heating and Cooling)
    # 4 Barrel Zone Contactors
    # 4 Cooling Circuits
    # 2 Die Zone Temperature Controllers (Heating only)
    # 2 Die Zone Contactors
    # 1 Motor Amp meter
    # 1 Screw RPM Indication
    # 1 Set of Stop/Start Push Buttons for extruder
    # 1 Screw Speed Adjustment
    # All barrel thermocouples, elements and blowers wired to a junction box mounted on the extruder base.
    1.1.12. Documentation
    # The Telford Smith Extruder will be provided with comprehensive operating instructions and wiring diagrams.

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