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PET Recycling And You: Why Recycling Plastics is Essential to Your Consumer Goods Business

PET Recycling And You: Why Recycling Plastics is Essential to Your Consumer Goods Business

Think resource, not waste. That was the slogan for the first ever Global Recycling Day, held on March 18.  Recycling companies around the world promoted the importance of sustainable products.


For instance, the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), which is the oldest and largest global recycling federation stated that “ recyclables should be recognised as the 7th most important resource, after water, air, coal, oil, natural gas and minerals.” And one of the most prominent renewable resources within the recyclable group are Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) products.

Whether you’re in the food production, packaged goods or beverages industry, it’s more easier now than ever to recycle plastics. Here are just some of the ways recycling methods have improved for consumer goods businesses:

Powerhouse solution for sustaining the environment

In general, recycling is a crucial part of preserving the environment. But following proper plastic recycling practices does more than just reduce waste. Plastic recycling helps preserve natural resources, conserves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Accessible recycling for everyone

At the core of recycling practices is the people. In the past, the mere costs, lack of information and available processes made it hard for everyone to implement plastic recycling methods. The perception of recycling has now changed, and everyone in the business and at home understands the importance of recycling.

Available advanced technology

A major drawback for anyone wanting to improve their carbon footprint previously was not having access to proper recycling technologies or companies due to the high cost of the processes, or lack of solutions for smaller recycling needs. Nowadays there are many recycling companies like Orwak and Zerma who provide complete solutions for small, medium and big businesses.

Making the most of the current advantages now available to everyone regarding recycling will ensure there’s a future for your business to grow in.

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