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  • Washing/Recycling & Sorting Plants for PET Bottles [Telford Smith]

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    Whether you are in the Waste & Recycling Industry or Plastics when you buy Washing Plants for Plastics from Telford Smith you are getting equipment and solutions that are best in class, current with the latest technology and built to last.

    ► Our Washing Plant for Post Consumer PET Bottles include
    ♻ Heavy Duty Bale breaker
    ♻ Best in class separation of labels, caps/neck rings and contamination
    ♻ Multiple Electronic NIR and Colour Bottle Sorters
    ♻ High output, heavy Duty Granulating System integrated for one up, one down operation.
    ♻ Multiple washing and dewatering stages to control process water and limit consumption of consumables
    ♻ Access platforms optimised for service and maintenance
    ♻ Precise Hot Caustic Washing with Variable residence time control
    ♻ Quality control techniques to achieve and maintain flake suitable to achieve Food Grade Standards

    ► Why source your equipment from Telford Smith?
    Because when you buy from us you are buying equipment that has been through our extensive Design KPI check list.
    ♻ Modular design equipment and electronics
    ♻ Compact Design
    ♻ Engineered Solution from Infeed to food grade product
    ♻ Designed with Experience and collaboration from all over the world
    ♻ Key Equipment sourced from ‘best in class’ suppliers in Europe
    ♻ Cost savings without compromising quality
    ♻ Built to the highest electrical and Safety standards (Australian Standards and CE Standards)
    ♻ Large PLC Touch Screen Control of entire plant with pre programmed functions 
    ♻ Suitable for remote control and monitoring for managing production and operating costs
    ♻ Patented technology

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