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  • Washing/Recycling Plants for Film [Telford Smith]

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    Washing/Recycling Plants for Film

    Beginning with the feeding and up to the finished product - the modular Telford Smith wash plants process dirty plastics easily! Agricultural films, packing films, etc. are processed here step-by-step. The success of the simple and nevertheless effective design is demonstrated in international demands for it:

    ► Our Equipment
    ♻ Washing Plants for Plastic Films and Foils recycling
    ♻ Friction Washer
    ♻ Mechanical Dryer
    ♻ Friction Cleaner
    ♻ Flake Washer
    ♻ Hot Wash
    ♻ Float Sink Tank
    ♻ Wet Granulators
    ♻ Fines Seperation

    ► Why source your equipment from Telford Smith?
    Because when you buy from us you are buying equipment that has been through our extensive Design check list.
    ♻ Modular Design
    ♻ Ease of use

    ♻ Ease of maintenance
    ♻ Compact Foot Print
    ♻ Long term reliability

    ♻ Equipment that will keep looking good
    ♻ Equipment that will keep your site looking good
    ♻ Safety
    ♻ Energy Efficient Operation
    ♻ Maximum return on investment
    ♻ Patented Technology

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